The Story Behind the Song #1: He is Love

Back in 2000 when I was in my late 20s and attending a fellowship in San Antonio, TX the young singles helped to put on a Valentine’s Day dinner.  One of the married adults who helped to organize the event asked me weeks beforehand if I would share a song that evening.  I asked the Lord for a song and this was the result.  Unfortunately with all of the activity of the evening the woman who had asked me to share the song forgot all about it.  I didn’t feel right bringing it up so I just let it go although I’ll admit to being a bit diappointed.  However, a friend of mine from another fellowship that came to join us for the evening was kind enough to ask to hear the song after the event was over which made me feel better. 

Five years later my husband and I along with a children’s choir consisting of about 50 of our friend’s children sang this song at our outdoor wedding on a beautiful September day in rural Wisconsin.  In the past thirteen years of marriage we’ve both had ample opportunity to grow in Christlike love, especially after being blessed with six children in seven years (the first three within sixteen months).  Nothing grinds away selfishness like marriage and family.  God knew just what we needed to grow in Him and we thank Him for it.

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