About Us

     We are the Smith Family consisting of Todd, Paula, Tevya(12), Tiveria(10), Tikvah(10), Teshuvah(9), Thor(6), and Tirzah(5).  We live in middle Tennessee on about two acres of land.  Our family was founded in September of 2005 and by August of 2013 God had blessed us with six precious children.  Although the music on this site is very “homemade”, our hope is that it will increase the hunger that people have for God’s Word and will help them to more easily meditate on it.  Our ultimate goal is to put the entire Bible to music.  Therefore most of the songs will be pure Scripture but there are also Christian songs.  We currently only use the King James Version (KJV) to avoid copyright issues.  As you may have guessed from the picture, we are a family, not a band.  Todd currently works full-time building cupolas to make ends meet and Paula is blessed to live and learn with her children all day.

     Although I (Paula) grew up going to church and professing to be a Christian, it wasn’t until I attended the Air Force Academy in the early 90s that I really came to know who Christ was and truly started to follow Him.  Almost immediately I began to receive songs from the Lord and Have shared them over the years with friends, family, and fellowships.  As a homeschooling Mama I have put many Scriptures to tunes for the purpose of helping myself and my children memorize God’s Word.

    I (Todd) also grew up going to church but didn’t really come to know Christ until I came to the end of myself after my first marriage died.  I have enjoyed singing since I was a child, briefly studied music in college and sung with worship teams and led worship in the past and now enjoy singing with the Smith worship team at home. 

     We encourage you to use the contents of this website to bless others as the Lord leads for the purpose of advancing His kingdom here on earth.  We see it partly as raw material for those who are more gifted and skilled than ourselves to improve upon.  We hope to eventually have a way to upload any improvements that others make as well as original songs from other members of Christ's Body.  We see it as a resource supporting every other ministry out there, especially once we have a large portion of the Bible complete.  We plan to send out a monthly newsletter to summarize what has been uploaded in the previous few weeks.  If you would like to receive this, please sign up.

(written in September, 2018)

The Smith Family