Websites, Etc. that we recommend:

      This is a website that I found while checking to see if a website like mine already existed.  They provided some good advice while I was trying to create mine.  I asked them for permission to recommend theirs and they agreed.

      This is a website that some friends directed us to knowing of our own interest in Scripture songs.  We attended their Scripture Immersion Retreat that they held in July, 2021 in Dunlap, TN.  Two videos were made that weekend (Beattitudes and Psalm 91) and both should eventually be on their Youtube channel at:

     "The Worldview in 5 Minutes"  is our favorite way to keep up with the news.  We listen to this podcast daily as a family at breakfast time.

     The Generations radio program is another favorite way to get news from a Christian perspective.  Kevin Swanson and his ministry team also produce family discipleship materials which we have really enjoyed.  We are currently going through his Proverbs study guides as  a family and the children are using some of his home-school materials. We appreciate his emphasis on discipleship instead of school.

     Nancy Campbell began her ministry to young mothers more than forty years ago by sending out her free magazine "Above Rubies".  Since then she and her husband Colin have encouraged believers from all over the world to glorify God with their families through the magazine, conferences, podcasts, and articles.  I began reading her magazine before I even married and God actually used it as a means of bringing my husband and I together.

     A friend introduced us to these stories many years ago through audio tapes from her childhood.  They also gave us a couple sets of CDs.  We have since ordered others for ourselves and as gifts.  Weekly they have free audios to listen to on their website so we also check these out.  Our girls especially like to listen to them in the morning during kitchen clean-up after breakfast.


Paul Washer

     I don't recall who first introduced us to Paul Washer's sermons, but we have listened to several over the years.  A couple of my favorites to share with others are the following.  If I had listened to these when I was young I likely would have recognized my confused spiritual state much sooner.  Therefore I encourage anyone who questions their salvation to listen to both of these. 

 Are You Truly Saved?  Sermon by Paul Washer at Grace Community Church    

 Charo Washer's Testimony    

     I grew up in an ELCA "church" and was confirmed in the 7th grade.  Although I don't recall a time when I wasn't crying out for God's guidance in life, I never found it in the "church" that I attended.  The Bible was not taught and parents were not taught to disciple their children.  It wasn't until I went off to college that I realized that I'd grown up in a humanist home, not a Christian one.  It wasn't until I began attending Bible studies while a cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy that I finally understood what it meant to be a Christian.  That however was only the beginning of the transformation that had to take place as I began to meditate more on God's Word and less on human philosophy and indoctrination. 

     When I heard within the last year that the ELCA recently appointed their first transgender bishop, I went searching for more information about their stands on various controversial issues.  This website was started in 2009 after the ELCA began ordaining practicing homosexuals.  I found it very helpful since even the ELCA website does not make their stands clear.

     Since I grew up in the ELCA, I have a real heart to share the truth with those who are still there.  I'm convinced that many more would leave the denomination if they knew the truth.  And if people learn the truth and choose not to leave, at least they won't be surprised when the Lord says "I never knew you."

      Here is a video that helps to summarize some of the most recent atrocites committed by the ELCA.

 Heresy Update 2022 and Your Bible Questions         


Rosaria Butterfield

     This woman has an amazing testimony about how the Lord transformed her life.  She was a lesbian feminist and because of God's love working through the hospitality of a pastor and his wife, she is a new creature today.  This link is to the video of her testimony. 

     A friend recently recommended this one as well entitled "The Gospel Comes With a House Key".