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In January of 2010 when the twins were two, they just decided to sing "Happy Birthday" one day so I caught it on video. It is quite short as it didn't take long for them to get distracted. Funny thing about two-year-olds.

This video was done in January of 2010 when the twins were two and Tevya was three.  It remains my all-time favorite family video.  I hope in the future to upload other videos with the children doing signs to songs but expect them to be a bit easier to follow along.  They won't likely make me smile near as much however.

This was recorded by Todd's sister Crystal in May of 2014 when we traveled to North Carolina for his Dad's memorial service.  His dad died the previous December at the age of 79.  We stayed with his sister and her family in South Carolina for about a week after the service while we waited for our van to get fixed.  We got lots of family bonding time in and she was kind enough to record this on her phone.  Those singing include Tevya (almost 8), Tikvah (6), Tiveria (6), Teshuvah (almost 5), and Thor (2).  Tirzah did not join in on the singing as she was about 8 months old.