From the recording #18 (January/February, 2024)


Your Presence

Although we’re thankful for creation and Your gifts that we adore
There is something that this nation and Your people need even more
We need it more than miracles. We need it more than tongues.
We need it more than our daily bread or the breath within our lungs

We need Your presence Lord. We need You more and more
As darkness invades our land, we need You to hold our hands
We long for Your glory Lord, Your Spirit to be outpoured
As we surrender more and more, we cry out for Your presence Lord

Verse 2
Although we’re thankful for revelation and the truth Your Word contains
There is something more that’s needed or all our study is in vain
We need it more than doctrine or flawless theology
We need it more than outward perfection or Scripture memory

Verse 3
Finally we’re thankful for salvation and the conversion of the lost
We’re thankful for Yeshua’s birth, His life, His love, His cross
We’re thankful He is risen and provides what we need the most
Because He ascended to You His Father, we now have Your Holy Ghost

Copyright 2024 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)(February 3)