From the recording #18 (January/February, 2024)


God Will Not be Silenced

Hello darkness, my old friend; I’ll not talk with you again
For the truth I’m now believing is I’m a child of the Most High King
And the lies you implanted in my brain will not remain
For I cannot keep silent

For many years I walked alone with a heart as cold as stone
Wondering what to do and where to go, calling on a God I did not know
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of the One True Light that split my night
And I will not keep silent

And in that perfect Light I saw my every sin, my every flaw
But now in Him I am abiding so that there is no need for hiding
And I’m writing songs that I feel the need to share because He cares
And does not want me silent

Don’t be fools who do not know silence like a cancer grows
Read God’s Word that He might teach you, receive His Spirit that He might reach you
Then let His truth transform your heart and mind like it has mine
And do not be silent

And then refuse to bow and pray to the idols man has made
For this could be your last warning as a new world order is forming
For God’s prophets are making the final call to one and all
For God will not be silenced

The original song “The Sound of Silence” is by Paul Simon.
Different Words copyright 2023 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith, September 9)