1. Wake Up!


Wake up!
(finished September 20, 2020)

Wake up Church! Wake up Body!
Do you not know you are drifting downstream?
Wake up Church! Wake up Body!
Can you not see the real world is unseen?

For My kingdom lies within
But you’re building your kingdoms without
You’ve ignored my still small voice
So now I have to shout (refrain)

For I died to rescue you
From bonds of death and depravity
Tell me have you used that freedom
In serving self or serving Me? (refrain)

For my kingdom is right side up
And the world is upside down
Seeking your own life leads to death
Laying it down earns you a crown (refrain)

You’re distressed about this world
And the darkness that has settled in
You blame all of those sinners
But have you repented of your own sin? (refrain)

For I’ve given you My Word
But you have not opened your eyes
Instead you look just like the world
For you’ve believed all the same lies (refrain)

Wake up!!!

Copyright ©2020 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)