1. My Mom's Story


My Mom’s Story (my perspective)
(Started in April, 2019 and finished in September, 2020)

My mom grew up in “church” going through the motions
Saying all the right words and singing all the right songs
Not really knowing the God who loved her dearly
Not recognizing her heart was twisted and wrong

As she went through life she tried to make good choices
Going where she thought she should go and doing what she thought she should do
She trusted in man’s wisdom and conformed to the world around her
Never thinking to consult with the only One who knew

She grew up on a farm, the youngest of seven children
They all learned to work hard to meet the needs of the family
At nineteen she lost her mother and helped keep house for her father
She studied at a nearby college and earned a teaching degree

She was a pretty young woman and she married a good-looking lad
They had three lovely daughters. All looked good but soon turned bad
For neither had the foundation upon which to build a life
They didn’t know their Creator nor His vision for man and wife

So again they sought man’s wisdom and divorce seemed the best choice
After all “Then you’ll be happy,” said the enemy’s voice
And God looked on with sorrow for He knew of the road up ahead
And He longed to have them repent, turn from self and seek Him instead

She lost not only her marriage; she lost her children as well
And the heaven the enemy promised felt a lot more like hell
After many more sorrows and sufferings to Jesus she finally turned
And although He brought much healing, He couldn’t restore what had burned

So I rejoice that she’s resting in Jesus and that I’ll see her after this race
I rejoice that she’s no longer suffering and that she finally sought His face
But I grieve her years of sorrow and think of the life she might have had
If she’d been a godly young woman and she’d married a godly young lad

I say not these things to condemn you for God sent His Son to save
But I ask you to think of them now for its too late once you enter the grave
For its not about going to heaven but inviting heaven to live in you
Its not about fixing your life but laying it down to be raised anew

So if you struggle with lust or anger, selfishness, fear, or pride
Or find it hard to love your brother, your neighbor, your enemy, or bride
Know that Jesus can give you the power to do all that He’s called you to do
But if you choose to live life your way, He’ll let you do that too

Copyright ©2020 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith, September)