Filled With Christ Alone
(April, 2020)

Oh, to be but emptier, lowlier, mean, unnoticed and unknown,
But to God a vessel holier, filled with Christ and Christ alone!
Naught of earth to cloud the glory, naught of self the light to dim,
Telling forth the wondrous story, emptied, to be filled with Him.

Oh, to only spill sweet water, when I’m bumped by a careless soul,
Oh, to only release Christ’s fragrance when crushed and bruised by satan’s goals
May my thoughts, my words, and actions by His Spirit be inspired
May grace and mercy flow to others even as I walk through fire

How blessed I am to know You’re with me, working good through all these things
My pain and sorrow are not wasted when offered to the King of Kings
Purge my every cell from selfishness, conforming each to the image of Your Son
I seek Your face and surrender everything, striving only to know the One

Repeat first verse

(Words from the first verse were found on pg. 136 of “Radiant Glory: The Life of Martha Wing Robinson” by Gordon P. Gardiner. The other two verses were completed by Paula Smith on April 26, 2020)
Tune Copyright ©2017 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith in June)
Second and Third verses Copyright ©2020 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)