The Great Exchange
(June 2, 2019)

You were broken so that I could be made whole
You chose death so that I could choose eternity
You took my sin so I could have Your righteousness
You entered hell so heaven could enter me

Oh the great exchange, heaven’s riches for so many chains
Slop with the pigs for a feast with the King
You took my rags; gave me a robe and a ring
That which is worthless for infinite worth
I die to self and You give new birth
What a great exchange

You were made weak so that I could become strong
You were bound so that I could be set free
You became a lie so I could become Your truth
You took my shame and gave me your glory (refrain)

You left heaven so that I could leave my hell
You walked in darkness so that I could walk in light
You were horribly marred so I could become beautiful
You surrendered all so I could win the fight (refrain)

Copyright @2019 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)