1. One Boast


One Boast

When you look at me you see my sin
When God looks at me He sees His Son
When you look at me you see what I did
When God looks at me He sees what Christ’s done

Oh I only have one boast
And that is in Christ Crucified
For my righteousness is but filthy rags
I gladly trade His shame for my pride

All too often I want to defend
Give a reason or justify
But the Lord whispers to my heart
Do you want your righteousness or mine? (refrain)

Sometimes I’m tempted to exert my rights
And find that self doesn’t want to die
But when there is no peace to be found
I repent, turn to God and cry (refrain)

Apart from Christ I am guilty as charged
If you knew me you wouldn’t be so kind
But I put my faith in the blood
Which covers anything you might find (refrain)

Only Christ is completely pure
Yet without protest He chose to die
Lord please help me to do the same
So that others can be freed from lies (refrain)

Copyright ©2019 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)