1. I Bought a Lie

From the recordings #8 (May/June, 2019), Life, and "I" Christian Songs


I Bought a Lie
( A Song for Nancy, Tamie, and Traci)

Ever since my childhood
I dreamed of marriage and motherhood
But I suppressed that dream and made another choice
For I listened to the deceiver’s voice
I sought to perform like all my friends
And I set my sight on empty ends
I got my education from the world
And learned some things that are not good for a girl


I bought a lie; I bought a lie
I bought a lie; I bought a lie
I bought a lie; I bought a lie
I bought a lie; I bought a lie

I know of a couple who grieves their sin
Of rejection the blessings God intended for them
They felt overwhelmed with young children
So she go fixed though she was not broken
Years later she longed for another one
And it was costly to reverse the damage done
Now they recognize God is in control
And will never again try to take His role
For she cries (refrain)

I know a woman who lives with great pain
Due to the memory of the child she had slain
Many proclaimed that it was her choice
And she did not recognize the deceiver’s voice
She has since repented and trusted Christ
And He has forgiven her and changed her life
She shares this truth with those who are grieved
And tries to keep others from being deceived
She tells them (refrain)

Will we serve self or will we serve Christ?
Will we promote death or will we promote life?
Will we seek God’s glory or seek man’s praise?
Will we humble ourselves and walk in His ways?
Will we train up God’s soldiers to wage this war?
Or will we tell Him we don’t want any more?
Will you seek God’s guidance for every choice?
Or will you listen to the deceiver’s voice?
May you never say (refrain)

Copyright ©2002 Holy Spirit (via Paula Thorson)

(relevant Scripture: Genesis 1:27; Jeremiah 1:5; John 8:44)