Only Ours to Borrow
(A Song for Brittany and Anthony)

They are only ours for a little while
To live with, to love, to cry with, and make smile
But amidst all the joy, the laughter, and the sorrow
We must remember they’re never really ours
Only ours to borrow

Little hands and little feet
Little noses, oh so sweet
Little eyes and little ears
Little giggles, tiny tears

Do you recall his first steps?
Can you remember her first word?
Or how he cried at his first haircut
Or how potty training her was absurd?

Do you recall her first day of school?
And just how frightened she was then?
These are the moments we must cherish
For they will never come again

They love their puppies, toads and bugs
We love their kisses and their hugs
And to our hearts we hold them dear
For life would be dull without them here

After bedtime stories and nighttime prayers
We tuck them in with their teddy bears
And once they’re quiet and softly sleeping
We thank our God for trusting us with their keeping
For (Refrain)

Copyright ©1994 Holy Spirit (via Paula Thorson)