1. We Don't Know

From the recordings #6 (March, 2019), Fear Not, and "W" Christian Songs


We Don’t Know (A Song for Carrie Doodle)

We don’t know what next year might bring
Will we want to cry, will we want to sing?
We don’t know what next month has in store
Will we be rich; will we be poor?
We don’t even know what tomorrow holds
Could it be happiness or sorrow?
But what matters we surely know
For we know who holds tomorrow

Sometimes I wonder, “Where will I go?”
What does God have in mind for me?
Will I marry, or will I remain single?
I guess I’ll just wait and see

We look ahead and formulate our plans
We’re so impressed by our own might
Sometimes we forget that it’s all in His hands
Sometimes we ignore His guiding light

We often stress and worry about tomorrow
Sometimes we forget to trust
But whether joy or deepest sorrow
We can be sure that He’s with us

We often run away from His leading
Somehow thinking there’s a place to hide
But soon we find when our hearts are cut and bleeding
That the only joy is by His side

Copyright ©1994 Holy Spirit (via Paula Thorson)

(relevant Scripture: Isaiah 41:10; Matthew 6:34)