From the recordings #6 (March, 2019) and "T" Christian Songs


The One Who Made Us One
(March, 2016) (modified on May 10, 2018)

Do you think that unbelievers are impressed with our division?
Does it inspire admiration or more likely their derision?
Are we so pleased with our knowledge that puffs us up with pride?
Does it make us feel more worthy than the sinner by our side?

When we stand before Jesus, will He say, “Well done”?
“My good and faithful servants, my precious daughters and sons.”
Will we boast of our doctrines and our denominations?
Or will we fall down and worship the One who made us One?
Will we fall down and worship the One who made us One?

When experiencing our fellowship, does Christ’s love draw people in?
Or are we too preoccupied highlighting other Christian’s sin?
If we can’t love one another, how can we love the lost?
We may very well be right, but is it really worth the cost?

Are lives being transformed sending light throughout the nations?
Or are we just concerned with numbers taking from other congregations?
Our battle should be with the enemy, not with each other
Christ wants to change the world but can’t when brother’s fighting brother

Do you think they’re not a brother because they have a different view?
I bet you’d call them brother if they laid down their life for you
And they might even listen to your strangest doctrine when
You died to your own self and did the very same for them

Do we have to ask our pastor to find out what we believe?
Has our teacher been Holy Spirit or have we merely been deceived?
Are we intimate with Jesus or do we merely know His name?
On the day we stand before Him will He sadly say the same?

How can the beautiful Bride of Christ walk down that blessed isle,
When her body is hacked to pieces strewn over many a bloody mile?
Perhaps if we’d try mending all of the relationships we’ve torn
Holy Spirit could breathe life in her, she’d rise up and be reborn

Copyright ©2016 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)