From the recording February, 2019


We Need More Jesus

We don’t need more money; we need more Jesus.
We don’t need more stuff; we need more love.
We don’t need more laws; we need Holy Spirit.
We don’t need man’s wisdom; we need what comes from above.

I used to see starving children on T.V.,
And felt that helping them was up to me.
I thought that the answer was money,
And looking back it is sad but funny,
For I was starving in ways nobody could see.

Education seemed the key to prosperity
So I set out to become all that I could be
Though I followed the path expected
I struggled and felt disconnected
For I was unaware of my true identity

Later I learned to seek God’s kingdom first
For only He satisfies our soul’s hunger and thirst
For all else seems to fall into place
When we humbly seek His face
Only then can we be a blessing and not a curse

Copyright 2019 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)