From the recordings #5 (February, 2019) and "I" Christian Songs

This poem is found on pg. 37 in “God in Kado Land” by H.A. Baker (grandfather to Rolland Baker, cofounder along with his wife Heidi of Iris Global). This book can be downloaded for free at It is well worth the time to read it. I did not find any copyright information on it but have given the song to Heidi on a CD asking her to let me know if they had any problems with me sharing it with friends and I haven’t heard anything.
Note: I added the last four lines in order to make it come out right with the tune. I also changed “in” to “of” for fruits of the spirit. Tune Copyright 2017 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)


In the Spirit
(H.A. Baker)

We’re to walk in the Spirit and talk in the Spirit
And live in the Spirit of God.
We’re to pray in the Spirit and stay in the Spirit
In all that we do for the Lord.

When we’re out of the Spirit, forgetting the Spirit
We work in the strength that’s our own
And are missing His leading
To labor in vain all alone.

We’re to be in the Spirit, endued with the Spirit
In all that we do or say,
And to walk in the Spirit and work in the Spirit
The same as at times when we pray.

We are “wise” in the Spirit through a gift of the Spirit
When given this gift from above.
We can act in the Spirit, not hinder the Spirit,
When filled with the fruit of His love.

There’s a joy in the Spirit, a peace in the Spirit
As “fruits” to be given to men;
A patience in Spirit and a meekness in Spirit
For all who’re delivered from sin.

There’s long-suffering in Spirit and goodness in Spirit
And gentleness, “fruit” of his grace.
There’s a temperance in Spirit and life in the Spirit
For the Spirit-filled saint in his ways.

The “baptism” in Spirit with the “gifts” of the Spirit
Equipping with power from on high,
And the “fruits” of the Spirit for life in the Spirit
Bring heaven down here from the sky.

Lord we cry for you Spirit, please send us your Spirit
Fill us ‘till we overflow
Immerse us in Your Spirit, water log us with Your Spirt
Send the rain that makes Your Spirit flow…May Your Spirit flow