From the recordings #5 (February, 2019), "H" Christian Songs, and Love

Poem found on pg. 41 of “God in Kado Land” by H.A. Baker (grandfather to Rolland Baker, cofounder along with his wife Heidi of Iris Global). This book can be downloaded for free at It is well worth the time to read it. I did not find any copyright information on it but have given the song to Heidi on a CD asking her to let me know if they had any problems with me sharing it with friends and I haven’t heard anything.
Tune Copyright 2017 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)


Help Me Lord
(H.A. Baker)

Deeper yet in Jesus help me, Lord, to be
Until the love of Jesus be revealed in me.
Hide me, Lord, in Jesus; hide me all away
Until I be like Jesus all of every day.

Praising Him forever, praising God, my King,
Unto Him my worship and my service bring.
Help me Lord, I pray Thee, help me every day.
Help me in my service, help me when I pray.

Help me suffer hardship, blessed Lamb of God;
Help me, Lord, to travel the road that Jesus trod.
I know Thee as my Savior, Who died and rose again
To save my soul from darkness and cleanse me from my sin.

Help me, Lord, be loving, kind in all my ways;
Teach me to be gentle all my nights and days.
Hold me in Thy presence; teach me there to be
In Thy presence now and through eternity.

Lead me, Lord, my Savior, by Thy holy hand
Through the shade and sunshine to the golden land.
Guide and guard and keep me in Thy will divine,
Mould Thou me and make me one who’s wholly Thine.