From the recording February, 2019

This poem is found on pg. 103 in “God in Kado Land” by H.A. Baker (grandfather to Rolland Baker, cofounder along with his wife Heidi of Iris Global). This book can be downloaded for free at It is well worth the time to read it. I did not find any copyright information on it but have given the song to Heidi on a CD asking her to let me know if they had any problems with me sharing it with friends and I haven’t heard anything.
Tune Copyright 2017 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)


Just a Vessel
(H.A. Baker)

Just a vessel for His use, just a vessel made of clay.
Whatsoever He may choose be His will for me today.
Empty me and make me clean; This, my Lord, is what I pray.
Purge me, Lord, and put me in a useful place today.

Take this vessel in Thy hand; Carry me from place to place;
Pour from me on thirsty land as Thou dip’st me in Thy grace.
Just a vessel free from sin where the Potter sought at will
For a little piece of earth valueless in money worth.

Which He washed and purified in the blood of Calvary
From His feet and hands and side, that from dross it might be free.
Just a vessel free from sin as the Potter’s moulded clay
Burned by fire, without, within, use me now, my Lord, I pray.