1. Promise


(A Song for Joel and Carrie)

They’ve come here to make a promise
Before their God and their friends
For they know that this life is not easy
And they’ll see trials before it ends

But with God’s grace and God’s love
They will overcome
For what they say here is a holy oath
They’ll be bound until death or Christ comes

They’ve come here before their Maker
To pledge one another their love
For they know that it’s much more than a feeling
It’s a covenant with the One high above

For with God’s truth and God’s love
They will have victory
For they have fixed their eyes not on what is seen
But on the One that they cannot see

And we come here today to be there witness
To hold them true to their word
For we’ll rejoice in their joy, grieve in their sadness
And we’ll never forget what we’ve heard

Yet it’s God’s strength and God’s love
That will allow them firmly to stand
For they have put their faith in their Father
Not merely in their fellow man

They’ve come here to make a promise

(Relevant Scripture: Matthew 19:6)

Copyright 1998 Holy Spirit (via Paula Thorson)