1. I Will Go

From the recordings #4 (January, 2019) and "I" Christian Songs


I Will Go
(a song for Holly who is going; Jan., 2019)

I will go when You call me to go
I will stay when You call me to stay
All I know is I want to do Your will
And do it in Your way

I will speak when you call me to speak
I will be silent when that’s your plan
All I know is I want to worship You
Not self or any man

I want Your blood to flow through my veins
I want Your heart to beat in my chest
I want Your thoughts to flow through my brain
I want only to choose that which is best

I will do when You call me to do
If You prefer I’ll be still and wait
For although some of my plans seem good
I know that all of Yours are great

I will give when You call me to give
I will save when You call me to save
For all my possessions belong to You
And I don’t want to be their slave (refrain)

I will love when You call me to love
Including family, neighbors, and friends
I will even love my enemies
Trusting Your Spirit to make amends

Repeat first half of first verse

Copyright 2019 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)