From the album December, 2018


The Very Best Gift

Lord, the very best gift that I can give to You
is to live a life of righteousness and truth
For You don’t want my money or my meaningless sacrifice
No, You won’t accept anything short of my entire life

If I harbor sin in my heart and refuse to repent and turn
You will not hear my prayers, Lord and my “good” works will burn
And when I offer my gift at the altar if my brother is against me
You require that we be reconciled before You will be pleased (refrain)

If I give my all to everyone else yet neglect my family
I am worse than a heathen Lord, and You’re not impressed with me
And if I provide for my children, yet neglect them spiritually
It’s better that a stone be around my neck and I be drowned in the sea (refrain)

If I live my life like Martha too busy to listen to Thee
I am missing the best part, Lord and wasting my energy
But if I live my life like Mary and sit at Your feet patiently
I’ll know the joy of knowing You and You’ll bless my activity (refrain)

Copyright 2001 Holy Spirit (via Paula Thorson)