If You Loved Me

If I was playing on the tracks and did not hear the train,
Would you rescue me from danger or turn the other way?
If I was standing on a cliff and my feet began to slide,
Would you reach out for my hand or would you close your eyes?

If you loved me, you’d speak the truth.
If you loved me, you’d point out the lies.
If you loved me, you’d bring a reproof.
If you loved me, you wouldn’t let me die.

Faithful are the wounds of a friend, the enemy’s kisses are deceit.
Often pain can lead to victory, and false comfort to defeat.
If we’re to grow up into Christ, we must speak the truth in love
God uses humble vessels to bring His wisdom from above (refrain)

If you reprove a scorner, his hate you will receive,
But if you reprove a wise man, its his love that you’ll see
I want to grow in wisdom so my ears are opened wide.
Though the enemy tries to convince you the truth is meant to hide (refrain)

Repeat first verse

Copyright 2018 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)