Purify His Bride
(A Song for My Honey Bear Who Inspired it With His Obedience)
(June, 2018)

We must remember brothers when we’re tempted to give in
To the lies of the devil, the deceptiveness of sin
When we were still a harlot, our Savior bled and died,
But through His resurrection came power to purify His Bride
To purify His Bride

We must not take our unions lightly and the picture they portray
For in them there is truth that God wants us to convey
God is not merely our Maker, our Redeemer, and Best Friend
He is our eternal Lover, faithful without end (refrain)

Are we excited about His coming? Are we preparing for that day?
Or are we busy and distracted with that which rots and decays?
Are we seeking other lovers feeding our selfishness within?
We may say we love our Bridegroom, but do we really love our sin? (refrain)

The enemy is so busy, oh so busy in this day
Destroying entire families, causing spouses to go astray
We must not give him a foothold, we must repent of our pride
For Christ is longing to return, but He’s awaiting His Pure Bride (refrain)

Copyright 2018 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)