The Story Behind the Song #6 : You Are My Advocate  

For about three or four years we attended a small local fellowship here in middle Tennessee where the men had the freedom to share from the pulpit at the beginning of the service. One Sunday a young man got up and simply read a list of the various names and attributes of God in alphabetical order. I made a mental note to one day write a song using that list. Several years later I finally made the time to pray about it and this was the result. The children and I have also attempted to do sign language with the various names. The neat thing about sign language is that the sign itself often helps you to remember the meaning. I also think it would be neat to do a Bible study on all of these names one day.  (Note:  This photo was taken in November of 2005 when Todd and I took our first trip to Florida together to see his family after we were married.)


You Are My Advocate 


You are my Advocate, my All in All 

Almighty God, Ancient of Days 

The Alpha and Omega, 

The Author and Finisher of our faith 


You are Beautiful, Beloved of the Father 

Bread of Life, the Beginning and the End 

The Bright and Morning Star, the Bishop of our Souls 

Banner, Branch, Bridegroom, and my Best Friend 


You are my Comforter, my Cornerstone 

The Creator of all Creation 

You are my Defender, my Deliverer 

The Door and the Desire of Nations 


My Everlasting Father, Faithful and True Witness 

The Firstborn, Fortress and The Gate 

My Good Shepherd, Governor and Guardian 

The God on whom I wait 


You’re the Head of the Body, You’re my Healer 

My Helper, the Holy One of Israel 

Image of the Invisible God, You are I AM 

Immortal, my Inheritance, Immanuel 


You are Jesus of Nazareth, the Judge and Justifier 

King Eternal, King of Glory, King of Kings 

The King of Israel, the King of the Jews 

Lamb of God and Life Everlasting 


You are the Lion of the Tribe of Judah 

Light of the World, the Lily of the Valley 

You are the Light of Men, You are the Lord of Lords 

Lord Jesus Christ and Lord God Almighty 


You are my Maker, You are my Master 

My Mediator, and the Man of Sorrows 

You are Messiah, You are Mighty God 

Mighty One, Most High, yet Merciful 


You are Love Incarnate, the Only Wise God 

The Name Above all Names 

The Pearl of Great Price, the Great Physician 

One with the Father, Only Begotten of the same 


You are my Provider, You are my Redeemer 

My Refuge, Rabbi, and Prince of Peace 

The Resurrection and the Life, Sun of Righteousness 

Rose of Sharon, Righteous Judge and my High Priest 


You are my Savior, my Sanctifier 

My Strength and the Rock of Salvation 

Son of the Living God, the Suffering Servant 

My Shield and my Sure Foundation 


You are my Teacher, the Undefiled Truth 

You are Worthy, the Vine, and the Way 

Wonderful Counselor, Word of God and Word of Life 

You are Yeshua, and You are Yahweh 


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