The Story Behind the Song #4: We're Not Just Growing Gardens 

This song was inspired by my friend Brenda whom God often uses as a conduit to share His wisdom.  I like to collect quotes and while the words of this song are not direct quotes from her, they do contain many of the ideas contained therein.  Here are some of my favorites that I’ve heard her say.  

“We’re not just building a house, we’re building men.” 

“Homeschooling isn’t so much about what we expose our children to as what we don’t expose our children to.” 

“Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.” 

“Do you want it now or do you want it best?” 

“When I talk I feel powerful.  When I listen, I am powerful.” 

“You will either grow a garden or grow the gardener.” 

“Children will build the boat they are going to float in from whatever they find around them.” 

“It isn’t so much consensus that we need, but grace.” 

We’ve now been meeting with Brenda and her family for fellowship in our homes for almost four years and feel as though we’ve grown spiritually by leaps and bounds as a result.  We meet with a small group that makes use of the resources  found on the website  I’m putting in this plug based on our own experience.  I highly recommend it for those who consider themselves truth-seekers and are serious about growing in their faith.

(Note:  The photo is of our daughter Tirzah (age 4) next to the sunflower that she grew in her garden during the summer of 2017.)


We’re Not Just Growing Gardens 



Sometimes in this fast paced world things get topsy turvy. 

Many question why they’re here and what their goals should be. 

In Christ we have the answers that they’re looking for. 

Lord, help our lives to show His reality. 


For we’re not just growing gardens, we’re growing children. 

We’re not just building houses, we’re building men. 

We’re not just making music, we’re making memories, 

And glorifying God with our family and friends. 


We’re not merely making meals, we’re making Mamas. 

We’re not merely making a living, we’re making a life. 

Our goal is not comfort and security. 

In the end it will all be worth any struggle or strife. (Refrain) 


For God doesn’t just value the product, He values the process. 

We who are made in His image should do the same. 

More than just obedience, He wants a relationship 

With those He created to glorify His name 


We’re not just prepping for tomorrow, we’re preparing for eternity. 

We’re not just changing behavior, we’re transforming minds. 

Lord keep us from love of the world or pursuit of vanity, 

For we’re trusting Holy Spirit to prepare Christ’s bride (Refrain) 


Copyright 2017 Holy Spirit (via Paula Smith)

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