The Story Behind the Song #2: Child of God 

This song was written in 2000 as a gift for my younger sister’s daughter Arabella on her first birthday.  We have since used it in our family as something of a “birthday” song.  I decided to post it this month (October, 2018) since our twins turned eleven on the fourteenth.  They are pictured above celebrating their first birthday.  The young girl at the beginning of the song is the daughter of my friend Holly who played the piano and sang with me in the song.  Her Daddy was kind enough to tickle her to get the sound effects that we were after.  This song remains our prayer for our children, nieces, nephews, and any others we are blessed to know along the way.


Child of God 



You are a child of God 

You are fearfully and wonderfully made 

And the Lord has a plan for your life 

For this moment and for always 


And it’s my prayer that you will come to know Him 

And love Him with all your heart 

And it’s my prayer that you’ll walk on the right path 

And serve Him from the very start (refrain) 


And it’s my prayer that you’ll know His compassion 

And His unconditional love 

And it’s my prayer that you’ll keep your eyes on Him 

And your thoughts on the things above (refrain) 


And it’s my prayer that you will know His knowledge 

And be wise about that which is good 

And it’s my prayer that you’ll resist temptation 

And learn to do as you should (refrain) 


And it’s my prayer your joy will be found in Him 

And while on earth you’ll serve Him faithfully 

And it’s my prayer that when this life is over 

I’ll see you in eternity (refrain) 


Copyright 2000 Holy Spirit (via Paula Thorson)

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